Renamed on the Way

Scripture: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16A new name broadens blessing and belonging for Abraham and Sarah, and their descendants… how might we be challenged to release our old “names” and ways of being so that we might be renamed as a more inclusive and blessing people?

Dust and Promises

Scripture: Genesis 9:8-17After the flood, God makes a promise (and a rainbow) of protection over all creation. Can we, as part of that creation take up that promise for each other, and for all the earth?

Ash Wednesday – What Is Not Crushed

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10Ash Wednesday invites us into Lent, not as a self-improvement plan, but as witness to how God draws near to us as we are… and how that grace still transforms us. We are dust, we say this night… but we are also God’s.

The Selfish Giant

On Transfiguration Sunday, we share in a special reading of The Selfish Giant, written by Oscar Wilde, read by The Rev. James Gertmenian, and accompanied by David Bartoletti.

The Healing Given

Scripture: Mark 1:29-39Jesus brings healing home. Is this a troubling story in which God “cures” certain people, and not others? Or is this an invitation to think about the richness of healing, and how we can offer it to one another, and share it with the wider world?