A Never-Too-Late God

Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16Jesus tells a parable of workers in a vineyard and wages that strain our understanding of “fairness,” maybe until it breaks and we question how we connect labor and life… and discover God’s justice.

Deep Memories and New Songs

Scripture: Psalm 98:1-6, Romans 8:31-38Our traditions offer us a part in the music of life: ancient songs which carry the memory of both pain and liberation, and new songs which inspire us to see new life and transformation. As we begin a fall of deepening our welcome and care for our LGBTQ+ siblings, how can … Read more

“Christ in the midst of what??”

Scripture: Matthew 18:15-20Jesus shares ways of living in the tensions of community… are these only for emergencies? Or might we be called into a changing community that can engage those tensions and find creativity?

Loving and Leaving Room

Scripture: Romans 12:9-21A letter to the early church offers and inspiring—then challenging—instruction on how to hold together in community after rupture and conflict, and maybe after we have been… wild things.