It is important to Foreside Community Church that we provide a welcoming environment – which means access to all who wish to join us. To that end, we have a number of options available.

Elevator: For those with limited mobility, FCC’s Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Parlor are all accessible via an elevator. To gain access, call ahead to let us know, have a companion notify us when you arrive, or on your way up to the doors, let us know. Handicap parking is available both at the front of the church and around to the right side of the church where our elevator is located.

Amplified Hearing Services: All services are amplified for those with hearing loss.

Large Print Bulletins: A limited number of large print bulletins are available each week. Please ask a Minister of Worship for a copy as needed.

Comfortable seating: If sitting in a church pew is difficult for you, please let a Minister of Worship know and he or she will direct or assist you to more comfortable seating in the sanctuary.

Fragrance Free: FCC is fragrance free. Parishioners are reminded in the weekly bulletin not to wear colognes, perfumes, or fragranced body lotions, etc.

Child Care: Child care is provided for children ages 6 weeks through 4 years in our staffed nursery so that parents may attend services. Parents are welcome to stay with their child as needed or drop the child off when they go to the service. Audio access to the service is available in the nursery.