The primary focus and purpose of the Ministry of Worship is to assist the Pastor in the planning of all services throughout the year and ensure that the services run smoothly. Currently we operate on a three tier platform depending on the time and energy each member feels called to perform.

Worship Planners meet monthly or as needed,  assist the Pastor with the vision of the services, train and schedule the Worship Leaders, and oversee the Ministry as a whole.

Worship Leaders meet as needed and  primarily assist in leading worship on Sunday mornings and other services. Worship Leaders participate in a training session to become familiar with the necessary tasks,  occasionally bring communion to parishioners unable to attend church and  actively welcome all worshipers – especially visitors!

Worship Designers meet as needed throughout the year to develop worship themes with the music team and Pastor.  Inspired by the work of Dr. Marcia McFee and the Worship Design Studio, they also create and install visual effects in the sanctuary or around the church to enhance services.