Steadfast Welcome

Scriptures: Psalm 89:1-4,15-18 and Matthew 10:40-42 Jesus invites us into a ministry of welcome… but before he does, he invites us to reflect on what that will cost us. If we are to be a part of God’s liberation for all people, how must our welcome center the “guest” and not the “host”?

Church in Dry Times

Scripture: Psalm 133 Pastor Amelia reminds of the sustaining gifts of the church, gathering ourselves into pools of living water to sustain one another even in dry and disorienting times.

The Laugh

Scripture: Genesis 18:1-15 Our ancestors in faith, Sarah and Abraham have waited so long for signs of new life that when they hear they will have a child, Sarah laughs… can we share in her laughter, overcoming our own complacency to be a part of new life—and maybe new justice—God is creating within us?