Starting on the Ground Floor

Scripture: Acts 1:6-14We tell the story of Jesus’s Ascension into heaven… maybe because the disciples, and we, need to be reminded to look down… to find Jesus present in our lives in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Children of God

Scripture: John 14:15-21As Jesus says farewell to his disciples, he tells them that God’s abiding presence will remain with them… a presence and love as of a parent to a child. We give thanks for those who have mothered us into life in many ways, and for the ways that care has shown us God, … Read more

Making Way

Scripture: John 14:1-14As Jesus says farewell to his disciples, he invites them to take up his Way, an embodied life and love deep in the heart of God.

As Any Have Need

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47The early followers of Jesus begin their lives together by sharing all they have with each other… how can we be invited into a deeper sharing, or the realization that all we have in this creation is already shared, and we must learn to treat each other that way?

Promise Broken and Kept

Scripture: Acts 2:14a, 36-41As the early followers of the Way of Jesus begin their public ministry, Peter preaches to the citizens of Jerusalem. His speech is convicting, but also told from his own experience of having failed along the way… in the complexity of our modern lives, how do we take hope when we have … Read more