Everyone Will Know

Jesus invites disciples to see God’s glory in love that gives and is transformed by loving. Pastor Geoff writes a letter on the edge of life changes full of love… and transformation.

With Me

The psalmist of today’s most famous psalm finds peace not through avoiding shadows, but by being accompanied by the shepherd through them. On a day where we give thanks for the parenting love of others, we wonder at how God as shepherd and mother might show us the power of this presence with us.

What We Have Learned

We give thanks for the ministry of Laura Rodas with our children for the last 11 years. As we do, we think back on the teachers in our lives who have shown us the risen Christ, and our call to share that same gift with others.

Life Unlocked

Scripture: John 20:19-31 The disciples find themselves locked in an upper room in fear and uncertainty. One of them, Thomas, longs to touch the risen Jesus, facing the reality of the pain of what has been. On the other side of the touch comes a great unlocking, sending the disciples and Jesus’s ministry into the … Read more

Easter Sunday and An Idle Tale

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12 In the Gospel of Luke, the good news of Easter is an empty tomb with Jesus no where to be found. When faithful women try to share the news, it is considered “an idle tale.” What signs of resurrection are we too quick to call “idle”, impractical or unreasonable? How can we … Read more