Retelling Ourselves: In the Body

Mary, a dear friend of Jesus, pours out a gift of anointing upon him one night at dinner. In an intimate story of touch, an invitation unfolds: to know the holiness, honor, fragility, and sorrow that is carried in the experience of the body. And then, a question arises: how does this story of the … Read more

Retelling Ourselves: Welcome Home

Scripture: Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32 To practice ways of “re-telling” stories to deepen our understanding, we explore the parable that has been known as “The Prodigal Son”… by recognizing that Jesus taught it to speak to “The Proper Son.” What greater generosity might be there within this story for that lesser known character, for us, … Read more

Re-telling Ourselves: Beginning in Promise

Scripture: Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18 Abraham boldly sets out to a new life, with a new name, in a new place… he does so grounded in the promise of God. How do we ground ourselves… find ourselves… in promises that can make us brave enough to step out towards a new, more whole, more loving, life … Read more

Becoming Church: Forgiving In…

In a challenging parable, Jesus calls us to a forgiveness that does not “keep score,” and that challenges us to accept our own forgiveness in ways that may break apart structures of indebtedness and move us towards generosity and grace.