Messiah’s Etiquette

Scripture: Luke 14:1, 7-14At a dinner party, Jesus takes note of those who are striving for position and power. He teaches those gathered—and us, through the years—that welcome and generosity should not be used for self-serving aims, but to liberate us from systems and structures which would declare who is “worthy” of welcome.

Rest to Rebuild

The prophet Isaiah speaks to a people sure that they are following the “rules” on the sabbath as they have received them from God, but perhaps not the invitation to deeper understanding and living. How can we align our intentions, and not just our actions, for the coming of a more just world?

In the Cloud

An ancient preacher tells us of the generations of faithful witnesses that have gone before us, encouraging us to face the challenges and changes of our own time as we look to the joyful victory of God’s love.

Heart Treasures

In teaching about money, Jesus reminds his followers “be not afraid,” and to be careful how they store up in the face of abundance. Sometimes this is easier said than done… how do we work to build generosity that can call us beyond our fears?