Rebuilding and Returning

Scripture: Isaiah 58:9-14 In a time of starting over, the prophet Isaiah speaks to the people of Israel amongst confusion and division. Perhaps what they most need to hear, and we do as well, is that starting over is truly possible… if we can just begin to reorient ourselves in God. Download text here: 2019-08-25

The Promise: Belief on the Road

Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6 Our ancestors in faith, Abraham and Sarah, leave home, without knowing where they are going… reminding us that journeying is part of the life of faith, so we are given hope to know that God calls us to step onto new paths, and to support those who are traveling in search of new … Read more


Scripture: Luke 12:13-21 Jesus answers a question from the back of the class with another question… one that echoes through to us today… how much is enough? And how shall we respond to the abundance that we sometimes encounter? Download text here – 2019-08-04