What is to Prevent Us?

Scripture: Acts 8:26-39 The Rev. Kelli Whitman leads us in worship as we hear of the Apostle Phillip and an Ethiopian official meeting on the road, and finding in one another an invitation to a widening of imagination—and of God’s welcome and work.

New Life Over Dinner

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35 As two disciples walk along the road, they struggle to see Jesus as he walks with them. As they stop for a meal, they are amazed to recognize him, finally, and know more fully the resurrection. So we wonder as well: by what signs will we be recognized in the ways of … Read more

All Things in Common

Scripture: Acts 4:32-35 As we welcome young people into full membership in the church through Confirmation, we visit with the early church exploring the costs—and deep joys—of weaving our lives together more fully in the church.

Profits and Forfeits

Scripture: Mark 8:31-38 Alongside with the disciples, we wrestle with Jesus’s teaching to take up our cross. How can a symbol of suffering be transformed by a beloved community that refuses to leave each other alone in that suffering?

On Future Floods

Scripture: Genesis 9:8-17 With Noah, we find God’s covenant with creation after the flood calls us to a new understanding of God’s work in creation. We receive assurance that when the “floods” of life come again… that God is not in the flood, but in the rainbow hope that they will subside, and life will … Read more