The Manger: A Stable Place

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:10-16 As Advent begins, we reflect together on the manger, that unlikely place Jesus was born… and wonder how we may welcome the Christ to be born in us. Today, we begin with the stable the manger rests in: a place of shelter in a world of too many storms. How can we … Read more


The prophet Joel speaks to a people whose relationship with God—and with creation—has broken down, and dreams of the days when all will be restored. How have we fallen away from “living peaceably with the earth” in the past? How can our gratitude for all the gifts of creation shape our life and connection within … Read more

Rethinking Our Foundation

Jesus tells his disciples of troubling times to come, and what may feel like destruction and desolation in those times. But he also tells them this is just the beginning, and that God will find new life in the world. We live in a time in which patterns of community, history, and institutions are being … Read more

A Living City – All Saints

Scripture: Revelation 21:1-6 We gather to remember those saints of our lives who have shown us God’s light and love: some who have died, and all who are still with us in some way. They are a “living city” of connection and care that is present with us, and might lead us to that Holy … Read more