Here at Foreside Community Church we often experience the gifts of what Jesus called life abundant. We find over and over again that when our lives overflow in giving, there is more than we can ask or imagine… enough to create more love, more justice, and more hope than we could imagine. We give in recognition of all that we receive in our lives, and all we receive in the gift of community and belonging together.

Over 87% of our annual budget is funded through the donations and gifts of our church members and friends. Every fall, we take some time to reflect on our call to give. Many people “pledge,” committing to share a certain amount from their lives in the year to come. This helps the congregation plan our ministries more fully. Additionally, every year there are opportunities for our wider community to join with us in mission through our much anticipated Christmas fair, and throughout the year through “Mission Moments” supporting partners in ministry here and around the world.

If you would like to give in response to, or in support of, our ministries, we give thanks for you and for your generosity! You can click the Donate button to make a one time gift, or if you would like to make a recurring monthly pledge through PayPal.