The Manger: Wrapped in Love

Scripture: Luke 1:39-55 As our music ministry brings us gifts through the carols of Alfred Burt, and his family’s tradition of passing music from generation to generation, we give thanks for the ways in which music passed through each generation to Mary, and then to Jesus. In the sharing of songs of liberation and God’s … Read more

The Manger: Held in Joy

Scripture: Isaiah 12:2-6 As we prepare for our children to bring us the Christmas story again on Pageant Sunday, we listen to the prophet Isaiah, who might be telling us that joy is not just a feeling… but a gift and resource of God that might sustain us in dry times. Like the hay of … Read more

The Manger: Framing Peace

The priest Zechariah tells of the ministry that his son, John the Baptist will live into. John’s practice and ministry of baptism, forgiveness, and calling to new life will be a framework for peace for many, and will prepare the way for Jesus. What are those spiritual practices we might explore in Advent that can—like … Read more