From the Mountain to the Fields

Scripture: Matthew 17:1-9

Jesus’s disciples experience a wondrous vision of God… but are also told that the true learning to come will come far below the “Mountaintop” experience. In a world in which spiritual resources and experiences are not always equally distributed, how do we follow the disciples in finding God’s glory in our every day, and sharing more broadly?

Download text here: 2020-02-23

From the Mountain: What Was Said…

Scripture: Matthew 5:21-37

Jesus continues his sermon on the mount by challenging his followers to go beyond the letter of the law, and into its heart… seeking not only wholeness for themselves but for all. For us, what are the rules that orient our lives, and how do they call us to go the next mile for the stranger and neighbor?

Download text here: 2020-02-16

From the Mountain: Salt and Light

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-20

In his sermon on the mount, Jesus calls his followers both salt and light. But these two ingredients might be more about how we interact with others, than about ourselves. This Black History Month, how we enhancing, and drawing attention, or flavor, to—but not overpowering—the stories of others who have been too long had their stories hidden?

Download text here: 2020-02-09