Worship FAQ

When is the Worship Service held?

On Sundays at 9:30AM we gather for worship. On the first Sunday of each month, the Sacrament of Holy Communion is shared. We also hold a seasonal Evening Prayer service Wednesday evenings at 6:00PM. 

What is the Worship Service like?

Our services might be described as traditional but not formal. We allow for the spontaneity of Spirit to move us to laughter or to tears. Through prayers, testimony and music we try to create sacred space where people can experience God. Our children join us for the beginning part of the service and have a special Children’s Moment before leaving for Sunday School. On the first Sunday of the month, they join us at the table for Communion at the end of the service.

Do my children stay with me during the service? 

Yes, of course. Nursery care is available each Sunday for children under 3 and under. Older children through 5th grade are welcome to attend Sunday School. If at any time a child would like to return to the sanctuary, or for some reason your child needs you, a teacher or the nursery staff will come get you.

What happens after the service? 

Coffee hour! Most Sundays you can head downstairs to enjoy coffee, tea, and tasty refreshments. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other members of the church. Please stop by for coffee and conversation!

Are there other things I should know? 

Yes- a few. If you have accessibility concerns, please let us know as we can make arrangements for you to be able to get into the service (elevator), hear the service (amplification), and sit comfortably (pillows, special seating). Foreside Community Church is also a fragrance free area so we ask all visitors and members to refrain from wearing scented colognes, perfumes, body lotions, etc.

Are there any special Services I should know about?

Yes! There are numerous special services throughout the year. A few are detailed below:

Ash Wednesday
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday with an evening service that offers the imposition of ashes for those who want it. 

Maundy Thursday
Observed on the Thursday before Easter, we remember Christ’s last day with a service of Tenebrae or “shadows.” During the Tenebrae the Passion Narrative is read and the sanctuary darkens as the story moves forward.

Good Friday
Throughout the day we hold vigil with the first disciples, praying and meditating on the life and death of Jesus. 

Children and Youth Sunday
A service done by our youngest members it is also a time to thank all who have served in the educational ministry of the church.

Christmas Pageant Sunday
On the second Sunday of December, an abbreviated service is held in the sanctuary with the congregation moving downstairs mid-way to experience the annual Christmas Pageant.

Music Sunday
Often on the 4th Sunday of Advent, we celebrate the season with special gifts of music woven into a complete worship service including our vocal and bell choirs, neighboring musicians and soloists, and shared readings.

Christmas Eve Services
Traditional services are held on the eve of Christmas, typically at 4:00 (Family), 7:00 (Lessons and Carols), and 11:00 PM (Candlelight Communion). During these services music is shared along with the story of the birth of Christ.