Hearing the Word

Scripture: Psalm 78:1-4 and others! Our first Pop-Up Sermon, with collected texts and questions from the congregation, leads us to explore how we listen for God in our scriptures: in texts that bring us deep challenges, and those that bring us abounding hope.

What We (L)earn

Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16 Jesus tells us of God’s amazing economy through the story of a generous vineyard owner. How do we learn—and teach our children—about the worth and value of each person, and their labors?

Through the Water

Scripture: Exodus 14:19-29 As we prepare for a baptism, we remember the stories of our faith of how God acts through the waters of our history. Here, we find we are beloved. Here, we find also… that we are freed. Freed, most especially from the bondage of valuing ourselves by what we produce.

The Law of Love

Scripture: Romans 13:8-14 The Apostle Paul invites us to reflect not just on the rules that bind us in community, but also how we might test those rules, making sure that we are walking in the Way of Jesus, and building up the neighbor. In a time when we need to reflect on those laws … Read more