Being Church: Reaching for Love

In a week in which there are “wars and rumors of wars,” the story of Jesus’s transfiguration on the top of a mountain calls to mind glory-filled moments of wonder… moments that are often fleeting and stand in contrast to the world we meet down the mountain. How can we carry the love and wonder … Read more

Being Church: Abiding Joy

Scripture: John 15:1-11 Jesus invites the disciples (and us!) to join their life to his, and says that joy will be complete. Yet he does this at the last supper, just before a time we would assume joy would be far from his mind. How do the challenges of life invite us into more full … Read more

Being Church: Wonder at Creation

What is our right relationship to the creation around us? God answers Job’s complaint of injustice and suffering with a puzzling, challenging, and poetic reply. It is not an easy thing to hear. Yet, there may be an invitation to Job, and to us, to find ourselves in the scale and scope of all creation, … Read more

Being Church: Rich in Care

Scripture: James 1:27-2:8 The letter of James calls out the early church for creating divisions between the rich and poor as they gather for worship and the keeping of the feast. We strive to care for those in need around us, but we may find ways in which we need to improve our welcome, caring … Read more