Scripture: Luke 24:44-53 Along with disciples on the day of Jesus’s ascension, we may find ourselves saying, “what next?” Like them, we ground ourselves in the stories and traditions of our ancestors in faith as witnesses to God’s continuing presence with us.

See Love, See God

Scripture: John 14: 15-21 Jesus tells his disciples that they will see him, even when the world does not… What are we seeing in these days as disciples? Where do we look for Jesus? Where are we called to show the presence of Jesus to a world that longs to see him?

Mothering God

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:2-10 Pastor Amelia invites us to reflect on the ways in which God nurtures and cares for us in our vulnerability as humans… just as our ancestors lifted up images of being fed when we cannot feed ourselves.

Keeping the Feast

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47 As we hear of the disciples sharing all things in common and breaking bread, we wonder how we can keep their same feast… even in a time when we are apart, and unable to share bread in the same ways.