The Stewardship Ministry takes care of the buildings, grounds, and finances of the Church. Stewardship takes part in the pledge campaign, writes and revises the annual budget, and supervises Foreside Community Church’s investment strategy. The group is also responsible for determining who/what groups use our facility spaces.

Stewardship takes care of the physical church – from the paint to the pulpit, from the basement to the bell in the stubby steeple. The ministry arranges for and supports clean-up days in the spring and fall, gathering members and friends for assisting in the care and upkeep of our grounds. They also manage maintenance items, like the recent replacement of our old, leaky boiler for a much smaller, more efficient one.

The Christmas Fair (which happens on the first Saturday of December) falls under the umbrella of the Stewardship Ministry. As an annual fund and friend-raiser, this organizational and community building endeavor is a labor-intensive joy requiring the help and coordination of folks throughout the congregation. No matter who you are, there is something to contribute to this cause!

Whether you have building skills, landscape knowledge, or a financial background, there is a spot for you on the Stewardship Ministry. FMI, contact Carol Ward.