Justice & Outreach

The Justice and Outreach Ministry is an integral part of Foreside Community Church and leads the way in helping our members and congregation to realize God’s call to help others in our community and beyond. In addition to supporting grassroots causes through our annual budget, the Ministry of Justice and Outreach is always seeking new ideas and new members to become part of our work.  Each month J&O plans ways to extend a helping hand such as providing Christmas gifts for low-income children, gathering socks and gloves for the homeless, organizing a food drive for out local Pantry, assisting a neighbor in need and more.  Justice and Outreach brings the congregation monthly Mission Moments and welcomes feedback from the Church on how to distribute our funds to support various missions.

The Justice and Outreach Ministry also maintains and administers FCC’s Good Samaritan program – if you or someone you know is in need of the support of the church (such as assistance with a vital need), applicants can seek small grants to support such needs. FMI, contact Chair Dorothy Blanchette.


Responding to Jesus’ call for compassion and justice for all, the Ministry of Justice and Outreach serves the congregation by providing leadership in ministering to the poor, the powerless, and the persecuted in our communities, our nation, and our world.  The ministry works to inform the congregation about needs and just causes locally, nationally, and internationally – understanding that those who reach out with compassion to work for causes that are just are indeed following Jesus’ call.