Road Signs

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-15 Moses finds an unexpected sign of God’s presence and possibility, even in hard and lonely times. God finds a servant leader who notices wonders in the wilderness. How do we build up our ability to notice the Holy just off the path?

“Living Sacrifice”

Scripture: Romans 12:1-8 The apostle Paul writes of the giving that will be required in the new community of Christ-followers, asking us to be “living sacrifice”. How do we make sure that we give from our lives, more than we give up living? How do we make sure that our systems and structures do not … Read more


Scripture: Matthew 15: (10–20), 21–28 In the midst of a teaching moment on ritual purity and purity of action, Jesus encounters a Canaanite woman calling for healing for her daughter. In the response of the disciples—and of Jesus—we are invited to tune our hearts: listening beyond the false categories of “appropriateness” of protest to the … Read more

What are you doing here?

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:9-13 The prophet Elijah’s story shows us that God appears to us in “the sound of sheer silence.” How do we cultivate that silence and listening in our noisy world: for ourselves? For others?

Forgiveness, Hoping, and Hopping

Scripture: Genesis 32:22-31 We can spend so much time wrestling for acceptance and belonging that we sometimes miss the blessing that God has already offered us. With our ancestor, Jacob, can we move forward—at a jog or with a limp—towards forgiveness and reconciliation, trusting that we are worthy of blessing?