The Promise: Belief on the Road

Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6 Our ancestors in faith, Abraham and Sarah, leave home, without knowing where they are going… reminding us that journeying is part of the life of faith, so we are given hope to know that God calls us to step onto new paths, and to support those who are traveling in search of new … Read more


Scripture: Luke 12:13-21 Jesus answers a question from the back of the class with another question… one that echoes through to us today… how much is enough? And how shall we respond to the abundance that we sometimes encounter? Download text here – 2019-08-04

Late Night Prayers of Fish and Snakes

Scripture: Luke 11:1-13 We hear familiar (and not so familiar) teaching from Jesus on prayer. So we ponder the nature of prayer, how prayers are answered, and how the practice of prayer transforms the one who prays. Download text here – 2019-07-28

Unfair Trade

Scriptures: Amos 8:1-7, Colossians 1:15-20 In the words of prophets, and in our everyday, we find systems and markets of injustice. In our conversations of sharing equality and equity for justice… we are reminded of the abundance of God’s gift to all life, that we might share abundantly. Download text here – 2019-07-21

Inn-keepers in Dangerous Times

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37 Jesus tells a parable about a very Good Samaritan. Can we respond as does a wise inn-keeper, accepting the gifts we have received, and directing them to the care of the wounded? Download text here – 07-15-2019