Seeking Wisdom: Welcome the Child

Jesus enlists the help of a child to show us the way of God’s coming realm. Those who have been in the center of the story will be asked to go to the margins, where God has gone ahead of us. Where are we listening for the voices of our children? For the voices of … Read more

Seeking Wisdom: Stars and Constellations

Scripture: Wisdom of Solomon 7:7-8,26-8:1 We, and many, mark the tender anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and what we may have learned from that day, and the actions and reactions that followed. The Wisdom of Solomon asks us to reflect on the ways in which wisdom often comes in relationship and in … Read more

Seeking Wisdom: Opened to Learning

Can Jesus learn? (Can Jesus make a mistake?) This is the question that arises when he meets a woman who has come for relief and healing for her daughter one day, crossing divisions of ethnicity, class, and gender with the hope she carries. In his own “opening”, might there be a model of growth and … Read more

Love Songs

The curious case of the love poems that ended up in the Bible reminds us that love is holy, and asks us to be transformed by sharing in it with one another.

What to Wear?

The Letter too the Ephesians reimagines (and satirizes) the armor of the Roman military for the living of faithful struggle for the church. In our lives—in our public life—are we dressing up to project power and invincibility, or compassion and connection in the way of Jesus?