What to Wear?

The Letter too the Ephesians reimagines (and satirizes) the armor of the Roman military for the living of faithful struggle for the church. In our lives—in our public life—are we dressing up to project power and invincibility, or compassion and connection in the way of Jesus?

Spiritual Songs: Staying Alert

The letter to the Ephesians offers advice for the living of challenging days about drinking wine… but it may not be about wine exactly, but about seeing clearly and avoiding the traps of despair or apathy. In a week in which we have faced hard news about the state of the world’s changing climate, we … Read more

Building Up

The letter to the Ephesians goes on to ask the community to think about how its speech and relationship “builds up” the Body of Christ. In all of our myriad ways of communicating in our world, how can we be thoughtful about the modes, means, and message we communicate in, as we seek to build … Read more

“When I Grow Up”

The letter to the Ephesians asks the newly forming (and re-forming) church to “grow up” into the full maturity of Christ. How is this different from all of the ways we used to be told to grow up as young people? From the wary ways we view age in our culture? And… how do we … Read more

Soul Waiting – Pilgrimage

Scripture: Psalm 130 The psalmist shares words of lament and complaint, but they are a “traveling song.” Our ancestors, and we, can often use language of “waiting for God” to respond in times of deep need… but might we instead be invited onto the “pathway” of healing and wholeness? The update from Little Children of … Read more