Pastoral Search Committee

The Pastoral Search Committee was formed in early summer 2017 after Pastor Janet Dorman informed Foreside Community Church of her intention to retire in the coming year. With this advanced notice, the Pastoral Search Committee has set a goal of moving through the search process in as expediently as possible while taking whatever time needed to find the right candidate for our Church.

In fall 2017, the Pastoral Search Committee conducted a thorough survey of all congregational members and friends, followed by a series of six focus groups to hone in on underlying themes, goals, and hopes for the Church’s future. With this robust feedback, the Committee completed the Church’s profile in early December along with our Prospectus document. As we move towards spring, the Pastoral Search Committee will embark developing and finalizing our interview process, screening candidates, and then move towards engagement with those finalists to find the individual called to be our next Pastor.

The Pastoral Search Committee is Co-Chaired by Deborah Gray and Laura Rodas, and includes the following membership: Dorothy Eckhardt, Geoff Gattis, Kyle Glover, Susan Hayhurt, Catherine Hannon, Eric Tracy, and Janet Yancey-Wrona.